We turn consumers into customers and customers into brand loyal advocates. We help our clients capitalize on the power of influencer marketing, blogger outreach, and social media to create awareness, positive opinion, purchase consideration, promotion participation, and ultimately, a revenue-generating event. Our campaigns enable clients to build relationships with consumers that motivate them to recommend their products, services, and technologies to their friends, colleagues and associates. As a full service influencer marketing and blogger outreach service, we provide turn-key services that deliver strategic, creative solutions and measurable, meaningful results.

Blogger Outreach

ReachOrb guarantees the placement of brand content into target market blogs and the social channels of bloggers who participate in our campaigns.  We secure 'the right bloggers', provide them with the assets they need to publish meaningful posts that motivate consumers to share brand content on their own social channels. We provide our clients with a steady stream of campaign updates that contain 'usable' information and detailed analytics. And, we assure that all posts are compliant with FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) and ASA (European Advertising Standards Authority) sponsored content disclosures.

Influencer Marketing

ReachOrb maintains a massive network of 'social influencers' who have more than 50-million subscribers and engaged followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.  This network is comprised of a wide range of vertical-market lifestyle influencers, entertainers, athletes, business leaders, industry analysts, and everything in between.  ReachOrb recruits influencers to post information on their social channels and advocate for your company with their audiences.
Influencer and Blogger Advertising
With tens-of-thousands of individual bloggers and influencers in our database, and access to thousands more in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, ReachOrb has the capability to post display and video ads on blogs and influencer social channels in a very targeted manner. While we have access to blogger advertising networks to distribute ads quickly, we also have blogger and influencer relationships that enable us to create and activate customized campaigns to assure performance, engagement, creativity and measureable results.
Email Marketing
Many of the bloggers and social influencers we work with maintain robust, opt-in email databases of their followers. We are able to distribute a wide range of content, direct response messages, and even coupons to these email lists, usually within a couple days.
Video Production
With Facebook serving more than 4 billion videos daily, and more than 300 hours of video published to YouTube every minute, video has become important content for bloggers and social influencers to post to their blogs and social channels. The ReachOrb Video Production team produces video content for ReachOrb clients that may be used by bloggers and social influencers to help deliver key message points in an informational, educational, and entertaining manner.